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Jane Kelly

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My Story

I previously worked as a Clinical Psychologist in an adult mental health setting in the NHS, delivering assessments and therapy such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to adults with depression, anxiety, OCD, low self esteem, phobias. My training ensured I had a wide breadth of knowledge in therapies and psychological theory. I love acceptance and commitment therapy, attachment theory helps inform my work and CAT (Cognitive Analytical Therapy) as well as psychodynamic therapy.

When I first qualified I worked in a health psychology department helping individuals with long term diagnoses and chronic pain. This work helped me understand the adjustment people face at certain points in their lives, leaving us feeling out of control and at the mercy of our bodies and the health care system.

I love working one-to-one and working at a level to suit each individual. Sometimes brief short-term work is indicated and sometimes longer term in depth work is required.

After having my children I needed a change and so I began to work privately. I developed my work part-time to allow me to cope with the demands of a young family.

After a while of working this way, I felt I needed something more than just talking therapies, I loved the work I was doing but needed to find ways of working that were quicker and more effective for people who can’t afford the time or money to go through therapy. Don’t get me wrong, therapy is wonderful and has a very valuable place, but I wanted something more dynamic.

That’s when I decided to train as a coach. A life coach! Life coaching can get a mixed rep amongst the public. What is it? Does it actually do anything? Can it help with mental health problems like anxiety, depression? What about relationship difficulties?

The answer is it can most definitely help with all of those things – yes!

Therapies are often symptom-focused, you need to get underneath a problem to really fix it. This raises another issue however: therapy can shine light on the possible links and causes of your difficulties and how this links back to your childhood, wonderful connections are made, but what I was often left with is this… are you doing what you need to do, are you making changes?

Coaching picks up where therapy often stops, it is wonderful to have an understanding of yourself, and many lightbulb moments make us really feel aware.

You need to question whether you are actually doing anything about the discoveries you’ve made, the things you need to change, for example?

This is where coaching comes in, setting goals, setting your future actually making changes… Don’t continue feeling lifeless! Chances are that you are too young to go on feeling like this for the rest of your life.

I have found coaching a challenge, moving away from my traditional mindset to a very forward-thinking mindset. It has taken a lot of hard work but the techniques I learned in my NLP training have been invaluable and powerful in helping people to make changes and turn around emotional mindsets they have carried for years and years.

So now I no longer offer therapy, I offer life coaching with a wealth of therapy experience to help you understand yourself. We can do a little bit of work in a few sessions to simply get you back on track ASAP or we can take things down a level to help you make those connections and have a deeper awareness. I have lots of tips and tools so we can design your toolkit to suit you. Exciting new research shows that we can make changes in our minds, it is neurologically possible, your personality may not be as fixed as you think!

The good news is that no matter how stuck you are, change is always possible and I am here to help you along the way.

If you contact me I will guarantee you an appointment that week to help start your recovery.

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Typical problems I work with:


Anxiety can be really horrible. A set of physical symptoms that fire throughout the day, relentless, taking up every moment, stopping you from eating, sleeping, working, stopping you from doing basic things; making you short with your loved ones and so clammed up you can hardly bare it. Even worse, you can’t leave the house or pick up the phone. Your body is in utter shut down. Anxiety is so overwhelming, some people live with it for a very long time, living ‘on your nerves’. This can be the result of conditioning over a long period of time. I can help you throw anxiety out the window… what use is it serving you? It really doesn’t have to rule your life. I can teach you how to kick anxiety into touch and train you to have new reactions and emotions. I teach you to dampen down the response with a set of cognitive strategies and exercises for your body to help calm the nervous system.


Depression– is actually the body’s natural shut down in response to stress or change. It’s like a psychological hibernation telling you to stop until things are ok again.

Underneath anxiety and depression are a set of beliefs about yourself and about the world that we need to target. You will not believe the change once we have uncovered these beliefs and started working on them. Your low feelings will start to lift, your life will start to make sense, and you will feel energised to move on.

Other areas I work with

Redundancy, low self esteem, phobias, divorce. Relationship difficulties. Couples work. I also work with young people experiencing difficulties as the transition to or from university.

Initial chat 30 mins free – Click here to get in touch via email, or click the purple button to your right to book a free 30 minute consultation.