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Grief & Loss

“Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss”. We are taught how to acquire things in this society, but not what to do when we lose them.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the tools to move through the emotional pain? Society has taught us to grieve quietly and alone, to be strong, but when each and everyone of us will go through bereavement in our lives, surely it would make sense to have support and the tools to do so. Why suffer alone?

Jane is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist. The Grief Recovery Method is an educational 7 session process to learn about loss, grief and how to complete your relationship with the person or loss you have encountered. There are more than 40 types of loss we all experience throughout our lives and having gone through the programme herself, Jane could not believe how it transformed the pain following bereavement, divorce and job loss.

Here are some of the losses you may have experienced: friendships, romantic relationships , divorce, pet death or loss, moving house, starting school, health conditions, changing jobs/ retirement/ redundancy, empty nest, retirement, family disputes.

Many people live with their grief for years, and bury it down as deep as possible because it still feels so heavy, painful and sad to talk about.  When we lose someone, or separate from them it can cause months, even years of intensely painful feelings, inability to concentrate, sleep difficulties, appetite change, you feel unable to partake in social gatherings, life can feel overwhelming, emotions well up from nowhere and it feels like the emotions are out of control. You can lose your safety, your rock, your go-to. It really highlights the bond between you and this significant other and putting one foot in front of the other can simply feel too much.

The Grief Recovery Method is an action plan, it is a series of steps you take which lead  to completion of the unresolved business linked to your loss. Up until this point you may have thought that grief is just something you have to live with, that time will heal and things will get easier. Has it really?

Grief is such a misunderstood topic, and still, dare I say it a “taboo” for many  people. I want grief to be a normal talking point, a shared experience, not one best left in silence, after all, we all experience grief.

How can you recover from grief?

Many people feel these two words should not stand side by side, grief and recovery. Many people have said that they worry recovery from grief will somehow dishonour the memory of their loved ones. Definitely not, in fact it will help you honour and cherish their memory as you let go of the painful parts. Recovery means moving forward in a new relationship without fear of getting hurt. Recovery means being able to enjoy fond memories without feelings of regret or remorse.

The Grief recovery Method isn’t counselling, therapy or an alternative treatment.

Having worked for many years therapeutically, knowing and understanding ourselves is invaluable, but it doesn’t heal our heart. That is why therapy can help by making intellectual connections and having a safe space to release some of the associated feelings. But this programme heals you emotionally, it goes straight for the crux, gently and effectively.

If you are thinking of finding out more, please drop Jane a line.