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Reflecting on the 100s of individuals I have worked with I can see common themes emerge. We adults can be so fixed, so rigid, we pretend we are not, we tell the interview panel we are flexible, but really we have fixed views on how we want to conduct projects or manage our staff, or run our day.

We say we are great multi taskers, well let me tell you something I am an amazing multi-tasker, I start many things at home, but leave them unfinished, my partner is literally crying looking at the piles of clothes on the landing which will likely stay until Christmas.

And its because I am in the middle of many projects. Not finishing one!

I am a creative thinker, I’m better to fire everyone up and then pass the finishing work to the others. It’s a bit like the relay, I always did the first or 2nd leg, got  a lead for everyone and handed over the baton!

The truth is we are quite fixed as adults, we really are better to do one thing at a time, and we are better to learn slowly, be shown again and again until we get it. Or learn experientially, do it ,, do it wrong and see why the other way works best.

Can you really tell an interviewer that truth?

Just take a moment to reflect how you are at work…are you busy and flustered and don’t want anyone to  interrupt you? Do you struggle in an open plan setting, but tell yourself you love the buzz? But truthfully it makes concentrating a complete nightmare?

Have you worked out who you are at work and what your preferred style is? Does the environment support this?

We tell our children they can learn anything, never give up, keep plugging, then you turn to your own work in front of you and I can hear the internal groan of the mountain ahead.

Just become aware of your own internal struggles in your working life….I guarantee if we look to your thinking habits, we can identify lots of opportunities to change, evolve and grow….and who knows , make work a little easier?? 

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