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I am the biggest procrastinator you will ever meet! It isn’t helped by working from home where I can get on with 100 other jobs rather than the one important one. I have learned a couple of techniques to help.

Harnessing motivation is about buying into the real need, the priority that the urgent job requires, you will always get to the school gate on time (or close enough) because you just have to.

But really that has taken probably a couple of hours of preparation to get you there.

Getting up around 6:30/ 7:00am, get washed, get dressed, nudge the children, go down, start lunches, go back up and nudge the children again, finish lunches, put breakfast out, then clear it away….

Gather bags, lunch boxes, PE kits, homework, feed the cat, the dog, get shoes on, get your coat, your diary and out the door, all whilst keeping an eye on the clock….

That one minute you are running behind, climbing the hill at 8:21am instead of 8:20am makes you push the accelerator just a little bit, to finally pull up, park and run down the lane and push them across the finishing line!

Phew, done! First 2 hours of the day sorted,  now on to work!

It’s no wonder motivation come hard sometimes. But there is something about the previous scenario that works to get the result. Our state of mind is focussed and unwavering throughout.

I now set myself time limits the night before so that I can apply the same productivity attitude to tasks throughout the day , and hey presto it worked!

I can help you harness that drive and motivation to apply to situations you are really struggling with so that you get the job done and feel really good about yourself again.  

You need support to get on the right track from time to time, but the good news is once you’ve tried it, and you see it works, you’ll be able to start using it yourself.

I still have my procrastination, but I now choose to jump into action and get s**t done, it feels so much better!

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