Cotswold Coach

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“Jane has been a fundamental part of my recovery throughout my ongoing journey with anxiety and depression. She has helped me, and continues to help me, find the courage, self-belief & self-worth that I have lacked for many years. Jane’s continued support, compassion, unwavering positivity and careful coaching is essential to me as I carry on navigating my way through the ups and downs of my mental health journey”

RF Swindon                         

“Having struggled for many years with my anxiety  thoughts and having seen many years of mental health issues in my family I needed some professional help to get my thoughts straight . I saw Jane for several sessions over a period of a few months and I found her work to be calming and insightful to me in finding my own thoughts.  She showed me how to manage my anxiety whilst providing a pathway to a better and more positive way of thinking.  I still think of Jane as a support to me when needed and I still keep in contact as she provides me with life coaching skills that helps me in my every day business and social life.”

CM Wiltshire                          

“I met Jane at an extremely stressful time in my life but from my first consultation I felt it’s going to be ok.

She is such a calm and friendly person it’s like chatting to a friend. 

Jane has taught me some great coping strategies but is also brilliant at making you look at situations in a positive way so you find yourself doing that without her having to.

I felt no pressure to commit to lots of sessions, she genuinely just wants what is best for you and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.”